In August 2019, Houston trombone player, improviser, and Nameless Sound Director David Dove embarked on his 8-day Static Tour. On each night, Houston’s Alabama Song was the site for a different collaboration. Dove’s tour featured a wide range of Houston’s diverse experimental scene.

In December of 2020, Alabama Song teamed up with Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio to share this special pre-pandemic moment.

Listening through a proper sound system or good headphones is recommended.


2:00pm CT – Day 1: Pretty Dad/David Dove

2:30pm CT – Day 2: Randi Long/David Dove

3:00pm CT – Day 3: Gabriel Martinez/Ivette Román-Roberto /David Dove + Anthony Almendárez

3:30pm CT – Day 4: Sonia Flores/Roberto Tejada/David Dove + Jawwaad Taylor

4:00pm CT – Day 5: Rachel Hulsey/David Dove

4:30pm CT – Day 6: Tom Carter/David Dove

5:00pm CT – Day 7: Justin Jones/David Dove

5:30pm CT – Day 8: Ryan Edwards/Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud/Stalina Villarreal/David Dove


David Dove – trombone, electronics, subwoofers, tubes, mouthpieces, objects

Pretty Dad: Ethan Adkison – double bass

Gavin Kenyon – guitar

Regan McKee – violin

Ruairi OBrien – sampler, effects

Randi Long – sound sculptures

Gabriel Martinez – drums, percussion

Ivette Roman-Roberto – voice

Sonia Flores – double bass, voice


Roberto Tejada – voice, text

Jawwaad Taylor – voice, text

Rachel Hulsey – synthesizer

Tom Carter – guitar

Justin Jones – voice, synthesizer

Ryan Edwards – guitar

Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud – voice

Stalina Villarreal – voice, text

Audio recorded by Gabriel Martinez. Mastered by Ryan Edwards. Video by Karen Martinez.