Suplex presents Bizarro Blockbusters - Turkish Star Wars

Turkish Star Wars is an insane sci-fi action-packed epic that follows the heroic adventures of Murat and Ali as they trek across a deserted planet after crash landing their X-Wing spacecraft. Taking literal cues (and footage) from George Lucas’ 1977 classic Star Wars, this film’s narrative explodes through the screen in bizarre fashion as iconographic scenes and musical scores from Indiana Jones are spliced into sequences of battles with an evil wizard and his army of skeletons on horseback, romantic affairs with alien women, and moments of magical revelation and clarity. Turkish Star Wars was directed by Çetin Inarç in 1982 and stars one of the most prolific actors/writers in Turkish Cinema Cüneyt Arkin, whose filmography spans five decades and over 240 films. But, due to the films stolen film sequences and soundtrack, Turkish Star Wars has never seen mainstream theatrical release. See the film as it’s intended to be seen, over drinks with friends, at Alabama Song this Saturday, September 20 at 8:30PM.

Bizarro Blockbusters is curated by Daniel Atkinson, co-presented by Suplex, and sponsored by Saint Arnold Brewery. 

Bring a few extra bucks to purchase a screen-printed poster designed by Brice Baum and printed by Gabriel Martinez!