Suplex presents Bizarro Blockbusters - Lady Terminator

Suplex is pleased to present "Bizarro Blockbusters," a new monthly summer film series curated by Daniel Atkinson to be held at Alabama Song Art Space. "Bizarro Blockbusters "showcases films that mash together famous American blockbusters with other nations' histories, myths, bric-a-brac, and various forms of insanity. The three Bizarro Blockbusters presented this summer are "Lady Terminator" (1989), "For Y’Ur Height Only" (1981), and "Turkish Star Wars" (1982). Each film will be pre-screened with shorts of equally mind-blowing craziness.

Daniel Atkinson will kick off the series on July 19 at Alabama Song Art Space, with a screening of the 1989 film "Lady Terminator." Directed by H. Tjut Djalil, "Lady Terminator" is a Freudian fever-dream of a film featuring exploding dicks, vaginal eels, and other scenes of titillating “erotica.” Starring Barbara Anne Constable as Tania, a naive anthropologist turned SCUM Manifesto-carrying hellraiser, the film combines elements of the Indonesian myth of the siren-like South Sea Queen with the masculine overdrive of "Terminator."

About the presenter:

Daniel Atkinson was born and grew up in Minnesota, channel-surfing late nights hoping to see episodes of "Mystery Science Theater 3000." He moved to NYC in 2009 to get a graduate degree in art education and while there taught the history of film at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC. Before moving to Houston last year to take over the position of Education and Public Programs Manager, he was in Chicago teaching engineering to 12-year olds. He is a movie omnivore, but is especially interested in all things psychotronic.