Suplex presents Bizarro Blockbusters - For Y’Ur Height Only

Join Suplex this month for a screening of director Eddie Nicart’s 1981 Filipino action thriller, "For Y’Ur Height Only," a high flying, sliding, and soaring adventure featuring martial artist and action star Ernesto de la Cruz (Weng Weng) as Agent 00. From the hokey futuristic gadgets and gizmos, to seductive girls and blazing guns, "For Y’Ur Height Only" takes full advantage of the spy thriller cliches established by the world famous James Bond film that it’s (loosely) based on. 

Agent 00 may only be 3’ tall, but move over Bond, he has what it takes to save the world from twice the danger! In the film, Dr. Van Kohler, the infamous inventor of the deadly N Bomb, has been captured by the heinous Mr. Giant and his gang of deadly henchmen in an attempt to take over the world. The world’s “most deadliest secret agent” is put to the task of recovering Kohler’s bomb and taking out the bad guys using his team of well-trained undercover agents and his dazzling martial arts skills to get the job done.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see why Weng Weng was once considered to be the most famous actor in the Philippines (and awarded the rank of Honorary Philippine Secret Agent by future president General Ramos) at this month’s "Bizarro Blockbusters. 

Bizarro Blockbusters is curated by Daniel Atkinson, co-presented by Suplex, and sponsored by Saint Arnold Brewery. 

Bring a few extra bucks to purchase a screen-printed poster designed by Brice Baum and printed by Gabriel Martinez!