COMIX GAUNTLET 2015 Showcase & Book Release

In conjunction with Alabama Song, Zine Fest Houston is proud to present the first ever COMIX GAUNTLET!

Inspired by the international 24-hour comics day event, Comix Gauntlet is a seven hour comics challenge: 7 hours for each artist to create a 7 page comic. This challenge will culminate in an art exhibition where both original pages and an anthology of the comix produced SAME DAY will be showcased! 

Our participating artists will use Alabama Song as a workspace during the day. The venue will be transformed for the evening to display original pages produced just hours earlier, and our team of volunteers will have helped us produce a full anthology of all the comix produced the same day!


Gabriel Martinez

Sarah Welch

María-Elisa Heg

Jason Poland

Alex Teich

Jarrod Perez

Jessi Jordan