Vessel - Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro

Join us as we welcome curators Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro, co-founders and co-curators of Vessel, and the winners of the 2013 ICI and The Dedalus Foundation Research Award. The duo will be speaking about Vessel, and their research into the landmark exhibition Culture in Action.

Checchia and Santomauro will conduct research in the United States, with the aim to investigate different curatorial approaches developed from the heritage of the exhibition Culture in Action, and to re-contextualize these curatorial practices within the European and Euro-Mediterranean perspective.

Checchia and Santomauro will analyze a range of curatorial methodologies in order to envision new articulations of the notion of participation in contemporary art production.

The research will take the written form of a blog as well as a seminar (presentations, talks, and workshops) in Puglia, Italy, with both U.S. and local curators as participants.

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