The Narrative Process: David Feil - Minimalism, Emergence, Models, and Puzzles

Suplex and Alabama Song Art Space are pleased to present "The Narrative Process" - a monthly lecture series. Led by a guest speaker, each lecture culminates in an engaging group discussion. Each speaker discusses his or her personal philosophies, experiences, and artwork through the examination of process and the medium of storytelling. Inspired by Malin Arnell’s "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" and the recent series presented by the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, "The Ground Floor," "The Narrative Process" creates a space for collective involvement and collaboration. Following the presentation, participants are invited to share their thoughts and ideas in facilitated small-group discussions.

Join us this month at Alabama Song for artist David Feil’s presentation of "Minimalism, Emergence, Models, and Puzzles." Drawing inspiration from the stringent requirements of computer programming and the power harnessed thereby, the discussion will explore the act of definition both as one of distillation and one of generation. Feil will walk the audience through the germination of a current project, as well as introduce select past work, using natural, art historical, and technological examples as reference points.

This event is limited to 15 participants.

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