Sensual Bodies: Final Show, UH/Mitchell Center IART Collaboration Among the Arts Workshop

The public is invited to view SENSUAL BODIES, the final projects by students in the Mitchell Center’s IART Collaboration Among the Arts workshop. Under the guidance of professor Nick Flynn, visual artist Gabriel Martinez and poet Ronnie Yates, four groups of young artists have spent the past three months interacting, questioning, documenting, investigating, exploring, and changing four Houston locations (an abandoned railroad yard, a food truck court, the tunnels under downtown, and discovery green)—each group has created a short film (and / or installation) which will be projected multiple times over the course of the evening.

Artists: Destiny Anderson, Jason Callaway, Mallory Henderson, Terrence Henderson, Mike Haimoto, Alauna Wilson, Alex Winkler, Bleue York, Jeni McFarland, Martin Rock, Alexandra DiNunzio, Daniel Harrison, Anasheh Partiai, & Eleanor Boudreau.

Guest speakers to the workshop over the past three months have included writer Sehba Sarwar, musician Dave Dove, & artist Lynne McCabe