School of Experimental Work: Language as Material | David Feil

This workshop will explore ways of looking at language and creating text-based works outside of the traditional practice of writing. Participants will be introduced to a handful of techniques and ideas borrowed from computational linguistics and natural language processing, and provided with an overview of online resources. The group will then use simplified, pen-and-paper versions of these ideas to create collaborative texts and experience the techniques through practice. While language will be the topic of focus, the underlying theme will be of the creative role of abstraction and modeling in all art-making.

David A. Feil is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose work is written, performed, seen, heard, and interacted with. His most enduring fascination is with language, as a complex, organic, communal landscape within which we carve our own individual expression. Most recently he ran a small software company that worked with artists and mathematicians to experiment with creative applications of current computational language modeling techniques. Participants are welcome to bring their own laptops, though this is not required.


The School of Experimental Work: Audio-Visual series is a series of workshops, lectures, meditations and/or performances. Artists are invited to conduct sessions which highlight interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and experimentation. All sessions are open to the public, with the intended audience being emerging artists who can not afford other means of arts education. This intensive “school” will focus on exploring ideas and artistic practices surrounding the use of various forms of technology in the arts and will feature workshops on, but not limited to the following: animation, sound art, and other forms of digital art making. 

The School of Experimental Work is organized by Charisse Pearlina Weston, co-organized and hosted by Alabama Song Founder Gabriel Martinez, and made possible through funds from the 2014 charge//practicum grant and the Santo Foundation.