I Like Houston, And Houston Likes Me - Organized By Rachel Orozco And Patricia Restrepo

in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of german avant-garde artist joseph beuys's debut american 1974 performance "i like america, and america likes me," we have invited some of houston's finest writers, artists, and musicians to join us in conversation, exploration, and celebration of some of beuys's key works and concepts. 

a screening and discussion of this seminal work, commonly known as "coyote," will be followed by a brief discussion of beuys's presence in the united states presented by linda shearer. a series of performances will follow intended to highlight beuys's art theoretical ideas regarding animisim, human power fields, and his radical concept of social sculpture. 

participants include:
linda shearer
damon smith
rebecca novak
sandy ewen
ryan edwards
ayanna mccloud
lucas gorham
ronnie yates
jawwaad taylor
alex tu
carrie schneider
lena silva
kelly marshall
david feil