HYGGE: Process As Performance

"Hygge" is a Danish word that loosely translates to cozying up with family and friends for a relaxing evening of food, drink, and conversation. Making a practice of Hygge as writing, the Hygge Writers Group has met weekly for the past two years collaborating on group improvisational texts and other experimental writing practices, always with pizza. For this performance, the group will improvise a text live on screen while three groups of experimental musicians from Houston and Austin will improvise sound throughout the space, creating a larger work of simultaneity. 

Hygge Writers Group: Patrick Dougherty, David Feil, Rebecca Novak, Dawn Pendergast, and Stalina Villarreal

Parham Daghighi, saxophone, guitar, electronics/Steve Jansen, saxophone, guitar, electronics, tape

Sandy Ewen, guitar and objects/Damon Smith, double bass

Chris Kemmerer, ukulele, cornet/Jessica Love Barnes, voice